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We strive to give customers an experience that satisfies their requirements, makes them pleasant, and which ultimately exceeds their expectations

Quick Charge

Our chargers have a built-in fast charging feature. We use one of the fast charging standards, and an adapter and cable enabled for that same standard.

Power IQ

Standard ports only charge some devices at full speed and others often really slowly. But with PowerIQ technology, each port intelligently identifies your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed.

Perfect Design

World’s mobile culture has been enriched by occasional bursts of outstanding design and we have set out to discover the new design trends in the world of mobiles accessories.

Best Industry Leader

Wе gо аbоvе аnd bеуоnd whаt оthеr companies promise bесаuѕе customer satisfaction іѕ extremely important tо us. Wе deliver products wіth care tо offer thе bеѕt аnd hassle free experience.


So are you afraid to take your mobile phone anywhere because dropping it means a losing its monetary value? Fear no more, we have products with several options for keeping your smart phone safe

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Yemope Trading LLP is a company with extensive experience in the distribution of top quality mobile phone accessories. Devoting to the principle of "Power of Confidence", we are constantly providing top quality mobile phone accessories for your multimedia daily life.

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